Skin Allergies in Babies: Causes, Symptoms, and What To Do

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Babies are susceptible to allergies because their skin is more sensitive and thinner than that of an adult. In addition, babies’ skin can easily be irritated by temperature changes especially heat, causing the appearance of reddish patches followed by itching and changes in the texture of the skin.

Allergies can cause enough discomfort to babies, which is why it is very important to bring your baby to a pediatrician if you suspect allergies in his or her skin. The doctor can help identify the cause of allergy and begin treatment or medications if necessary.


1. Heat
Excessive heat, caused by either thick clothing or excessive exposure to the sun, can irritate the skin because the pores are blocked manifesting an allergy in the form of rashes. These rashes may appear as red patches on the neck, under the arms, and even in the diaper area. It may cause itching.

2. Clothes/Fabric
Due to the fact that the baby’s skin is sensitive, some fabric may cause allergic reactions. Be cautious of the type of fabric that you put on to your baby. Fabric such as wool, synthetic fabric, or nylon may cause allergic reactions because the baby’s skin cannot sweat properly.

3. Chemical Agents
Some types of shampoo, talc powder, moisturizer can cause allergic reactions to the baby. Make sure that you will only buy products that are intended for babies. Pay close attention to your baby’s skin after using bath products.

4. Food
Some foods can also cause allergic reactions to babies. Allergic reactions in food appear as red spots that also cause itching. It usually happens after eating food. For this reason, it is recommended to wait three days before new food in introduced to the baby to determine if he or she will have an allergic reaction to it. Learn how to identify and avoid food allergies in babies.

5. Diaper
Babies also develop irritations from using some types of diaper. These are really not allergies. However, it has to be treated. As a parent, you might notice a light smell of ammonia from your baby’s wet diaper. Ammonia is just one of the waste from the kidneys, which hurts the baby’s sensitive skin.


Red spots/rashes on the skin
Rough, Dry, or Scaly Skin
Inflamed Skin


The doctor may prescribe antihistamines, corticosteroids, or ointments for skin allergies. In some cases, a moisturizer may also be prescribed.
It is important to determine and identify the things that cause allergies to your babies. For example, if your baby is allergic to a laundry detergent, the treatment will consist of eliminating the use of such products to prevent allergies.

Don’t mistake allergic reactions from measles rash. If your child has fever and has developed skin rash, bring him or her to the doctor.
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